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Wake-Up Call

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Despite all my words in my last post, I was still in denial. My depression probably got worse, too, in this area.

I grew up knowing my dad has diabetes. I knew it was an issue that I would have to deal with, too, since I took after his side of the family. And when I called my mom this Sunday for Mother's Day, he talked to me about the blood tests that I had taken last month.

"Let me know your A1C result," he asked. I agreed, knowing this was a key indicator of my diabetes risk. And when I looked it up yesterday, I realized it was much higher than I'd hoped: 5.9. So close to diabetic and well  within pre-diabetes.

I ate my last take away last night. My dad sent me some advice on what I can do now to put it off and prevent it. My partner looked up some as well, so now I have some significant lifestyle changes to put together.

Food diary for today.
Breakfast: Honey nut cheerios with 2% milk

Lunch: Salad bowl (pic below) made from the Whole Foods salad and hot bars. BBQ chicken thigh (shredded), Cajun sweet potato wedges, roasted maple beets, spinach, feta cheese, white onion, Mediterranean dressing (1 T).

An Introduction of Sorts

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I've been accepted on this blog for awhile now, but I haven't had the time to write up an entry.

Sorry. Let me fix that: I haven't made the time.

So this is my story, and the start of my journey.

For those who are curious, I go by Dodger. I met Red in college and we've been friends for several years now. We eventually moved to opposites sides of the country: I live in Virginia, just outside the D.C. metro area. I live with my boyfriend of over 8.5 years and our special needs pup Low-Key Lyesmith, who is basically the cutest thing since ever.

I am 25 years old and 26 next month. I am 5'4" and I have not checked my BMI yet.

I also currently weigh 280 lbs.

Yes, you read that right.

Today, I went to the doctor. I had a follow-up for my anxiety medication and, as per usual, they took my general stats. Blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. When I got on the scale, I knew I wasn't going to like the answer. But I didn't realize how much I was going to actively loathe the answer.

I knew I had gained weight before coming in this morning. My clothes have been fitting tighter and I've had to go up a size. I also sometimes get winded going up the stairs to my third-floor apartment.

When I saw the scale today, it was like a vicious slap to the face. The kind you might get from somebody with long, sharp fingernails and who really wants to hurt you.

Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway: it did not feel good. And, honestly, it was infuriating. I was so mad at myself for letting my body get so out of control. I didn't like who I saw when I looked in the mirror and I didn't like how I feel tired all the time over the simplest stuff. I have slept on my floor more often in the last several weeks than I have in the last year because I was too tired to get into my bed. So I just passed out. On the floor.

So, yeah. Something needs to change.

I want to set up some rules for myself in this entry, things I need to meet for each subsequent entry and follow that up with my goals: what I want to accomplish, by when, and how.

Without further ado:

1. I will write at least four entries a week on Work, Sweat, Win. Every Saturday, I will have an entry. (See Rule 5)
2. Each entry will be AT LEAST 500 words.
3. Each entry will include my average diet since the previous entry.
4. Each entry will also include my workout routine since the previous entry.
5. I will weigh in each Saturday morning and report that here, along with the previous information.
6. Each Saturday, I will also take a photo of myself, in order to document my progress visually as well as textually.

My Goals
1. Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables each day. Aim for at least 3 servings between breakfast and lunch.
2. Learn more about clean eating and apply lessons to diet.
3. Decrease amount of sugar in diet. Fruit >>>>>> ice cream! (Greek yoghurt is delicious. You know this.)
4. Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night. (Secret goal: 7 hours!)
5. Lose 50–70 lbs by May 2016.
6. Size M in shirts and size 12 in pants by December 2016. (Currently, size 18/20 or XL and size 20.)

 More may come in the future, but for now, this is a good start.

And, so that I keep up with my rules:

2 KIND granola bars (cranberry and dark chocolate; peanut butter and strawberry)
1 Greek yoghurt (salted caramel)

SKIPPED. Bad Dodger.

Snack (aka Late Lunch)
1 medium chicken noodle soup
1 Portuguese roll

Rice bowl with mixed greens, sauteed zucchini, tomato, and red onion; also feta with black pepper and baked salmon

Workout Routine
10 minutes on the bike
3 sets of 10 reps on chest press (25lbs) and shoulder press (10lbs)

Another Week, Another Change

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Changes:
I have more or less stopped taking the Zen product. I didn't see a huge change when I was on them, it was really stressful to remember everything, and I literally cannot take a break at work, so taking the pills or making the drink and getting it down fast are not options.

I have also stopped using Nexercise (not sure if I mentioned this yet). I've been using it for a couple of years now and only redeemed one reward, which I think was a 500 Swagbuck gift card or something like that. The rewards take forever to earn, and most of them aren't that great. If you work out for hours and hours every day, check in, and download all their bonus apps, I'm sure you could rack up "mPoints" faster. But, for me, it just wasn't worth it.

I have started using Pact, which is an app that puts real money on the line. Each week I set my intention (this week was 7 servings of fruits and veggies, and four workouts) and then I have to submit photos of my food and use their motion trackers during my workouts. If I make my goal (also known as fulfilling the Pact) I make real money. If I don't, I am penalized $5 (you can set it higher) for every workout and serving of fruit I miss, and I make no money. So it has really kept my honest with what veggies I'm eating, and how I'm eating them, as well as how often I work out.

And, finally, weigh-ins and measurements are moving to the weekends, so that Huntsman can be the one to measure me, as it will be more accurate.

The Workout:
I am still training up for the 99 Challenge. I am up to 31 at the moment, though I did a combo of 27 and 28 the other day (total of 55) and it was kinda brutal but not bad. Since then I have been plugging away, adding one to each set every day. I am forgoing rest days because this is really not an aggressive workout.

Since I started using Pact I've have to add stuff to the workout because their minimum is 30 minutes of aggressive motion that registers with the motion tracker. I start my workout with a 20 minute yoga routine, the immediately begin the 99 Challenge training set (Jumping Jacks, Crunches, Wall Sit, Leg lifts, and then 10 push ups). As soon as I finish that, with my heart rate still slightly elevated, I grab my hula hoop and really go hard at that until my 30 minutes are up. I usually go a little bit over and set a goal that is separate from pact, but it hasn't gone over 35 minutes yet.

I do take rest days from Pact (one a week), and by default I rest from the cardio. But the yoga and the training practice.

My food hasn't changed much, so I'm not going to report on them.

Hopeful, Very Hopeful

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

There is a challenge going around Pinterest right now titled "The 99 Challenge". It is a set consisting of jumping jacks, crunches, a wall sit for x seconds, leg lifts, and push-ups. To start the challenge you do 99 jumping jacks, 99 crunches, a 99 second wall sit, 99 leg lifts, and then 9 pushups. You go down to 88 on the next set (except for push-ups, you only do 8 of those) and so on until you get to 11. Then, instead of the set, you run for 11 minutes.

This challenge is not for anyone who doesn't want to really test their stamina. Naturally, I want to be able to do it. So I pinned it and, just as naturally, Flora saw the pin and liked it too. She suggested we try it together, and I nearly fainted. I am nowhere near able to do a set of 99 anything, especially when I've been going to easy on my arm and shoulder.

But I liked her idea and so I talked to Huntsman. He suggest a stepped training system, starting at the highest number I KNOW I can do and adding one every day (with one rest day a week, of course). And that is what I have been doing!

I've been making a real effort to do yoga at least every morning, and I've managed it the last three or four days in a row. It's been helping me deal with the nightmares I've been having, as well as loosen up my shoulders and back.

Yesterday alone I did yoga in the morning, then again in the evening. I also did the first day of the workout I mentioned in this post's intro, with a few modifications --

22 Jumping Jacks
22 Crunches
22 Second Wall Sit
22 Leg Lifts
10 Push-Ups.

I intend to add one to each number until I reach thirty, except for push-ups. Right now I can only do 10 knee-down push-ups. I will continue to do only 10 until I can do them fairly easily. Then I do 9 knee-down and one knee-up. I will repeat this pattern until I am going all 10 knee-up, and then I will add more on.

I already did my Set 23 this morning as well as my yoga. Let's see if I remember to do my yoga tonight!

I had eggs, toast, turkey, and yogurt with fruit in it for breakfast yesterday, along with tea. That was all I ate until I got home that night, aside from my Zen pills and a big cup of water at work. For dinner I had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and salad accompanied by a whiskey coke and a little bit of Mike's Harder Lemonade. I usually balk at huge meals at night, or at least try to, but since I only ate twice yesterday and I worked out after my dinner, I don't feel too bad about it.

Breakfast today was two eggs with 1/2 the amount of meatloaf I ate last night as well as two pieces of buttered toast. And, of course, tea. I will probably snack while babysitting today, whenever I make the boys lunch, and then have dinner when I get home. Between the workout, chasing kids, and the lack of meals during the midday, I don't feel too bad about eating a big dinner again.

Zen System
I took two sets of pills and did one amino acid drink yesterday. I've been having a lot of trouble staying on track with it. Today I already took one pill set and an amino acid drink. I will take another pill set and the second amino acid drink while I'm babysitting. That only leaves one pill set to be taken before dinner when I get home.

If I manage to get the whole system in today, I am going to reward myself with something, though not something food related. I may select a new book off my bookshelf to start reading, or I may borrow a new book from Overdrive. We'll have to see!

After all that setback, I may finally be back on track to losing the weight I want to lose. At this point it's more of a health-related drive than the drive to look good, though that is there too. If I don't lose weight, I am less likely to have kids. So I really need to get a move on!

Another Week, Another Weight

Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's been a less-than-stellar week, but I'm here and I have the new numbers!

Weight: 196.5 -- I don't worry too much over a pound and a half right now. This could be my dinner last night, water I'm retaining or additional muscle mass.

B: 44.5
W: 37
H: 43

Compared to last week's numbers (45,38,43) I've made some changes! An inch on my waistline, which is amazing to see in a week, as well as a half inch in my bust (I am really pleased!). There's no changes on my hips, but I'm not shocked by that. It was the first place I really started to gain weight so it will be the last place I lose it from. First in, Last off sort of thing.

The gym for our apartment is still closed, so I'm going to start using my hula hoop to do cardio. I'm still afraid of hurting my shoulder again, since it's finally starting to feel better, so push-ups and planks are out as well. It's hurts enough just doing some yoga moves!

I've also taken to yoga in the mornings, at least when I can. Yesterday was a really hard day and I didn't get much of anything done, but I seem to be on a better track today. Tomorrow will present another challenge, as I have my first early work shift in a while. Since I will have to get up very early just to do my yoga and eat a breakfast, I may fail the whole thing.

I haven't been eating great, but I haven't been eating terribly. Not a lot of fast food, and we've been going really hard in terms of getting in lots of fruits and veggies. On our last shopping trip we really focused on healthy foods, and it shows in our kitchen: cooking ingredients instead of instant foods, lots of raw protein (mostly meat), six kinds of fruit, six kinds of veggies, and no junk food to speak of. There is a lot of pasta, but our budget can only allow for so much.

I've been eating Girl Scout cookies, which I really shouldn't do, and drinking samples at work. It's more or less expected that when you make samples, you drink one to make sure it's good. They're tiny, but they add up.

Zen Program:
I have been so bad about this. My anxiety has been super high lately and I just have not had the spoons to remember this. I'm full intending to do better today. I'm going to take my first two pills as soon as I finish writing this, the second two part way through work (with a small snack), and the last two when I get off work. The amino drinks are going to happen (1) at work and (1) after work before dinner.

I'm really excited to see this progress. I know I look better than I used to and I DEFINITELY feel better than I used to, but having the numbers really shows me the progress I'm making. I know that as soon as I settle into this new schedule and can get my workouts back on track, I can start making a real difference!

Back on Track

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I fell off the track a bit this week, not taking my Zen like I should have been and not working out. But I'm back on track today and looking to stay that way at least through the weekend. Hey, baby steps to the bigger goal!

The gym for our apartment is closed for renovations, so I am out for doing most kinds of cardio. Push-ups still make my shoulder scream, so those and planks are out too.

But I HAVE been doing yoga and found the perfect morning routine. It's only a little over 20 minutes long and I plan on doing it again tomorrow morning. As for cardio, I have been eyeing my hula hoop. At least until the gym opens back up.

I won't recount everything I've eaten since my last post, but I wasn't as good as I should have been.

Today breakfast is peach Greek yogurt with blueberries and granola, as well as tuna salad on crackers (I'm eating kind of late and it's one of two meals). After that is pretty much just water until we get done with the huge grocery trip tonight, and then we are having a chopped salad, raw veggies, sauteed squash and pizza for dinner. All in all an easy night, which is good because this shopping trip is going to be like 2 hours long, minimum.

I've already taken two of my pills. I will be taking two more before dinner tonight, and then two more before bed. The amino acid drinks (only got one in yesterday, dang!) will both be drank between breakfast and dinner, though that may mean I need a small snack to get me through.

The only reason I am back on track is that I managed to get up before 8 AM today. My plan is to get up at or before 7:45 AM tomorrow, which is still later than I should be getting up to get all my work done. But, like I said, baby steps.

F:blah blah blah

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I have been at the same weight and measurements for like 3 weeks now.


I'm annoyed.

Thursday Bax got fixed so I haven't really worked out since then with taking care of him.
My family came to visit today so I ate poorly while with them.

Did I mention blah blah blah?
Tomorrow I plan to start over again. I am going to catch up on my work outs and plan for the week. I will jump back on :)